Nissan 240 RS Rally is coming soon!

ModellingMaster is proud to announce its third 1/24 scale highly detailed transkit РNissan 240 RS Rally which can be pre-ordered directly from the manufacturer when it comes into production.

  • passion rally

    a marvelous kit!!

  • Evoluzione3

    what about livery or witch rally will have got this another fabulous car

  • Julnaranjo

    Great Roman!! what about Tour de Corse 83?, and next a Toyota Celica Twin cam Broup B Safari `86 would be awesome…

  • Andy

    Roman, you are a genius! GpB rally cars were the pinnacle of rallying and a brilliant spectacle. I would love to get this kit with Tony Pond livery, a great hero of British rally fans. Keep up the great work and hope to see a GpB Celica kit.

  • guest

    Great!! Hopefully a Gp. B Celica will follow. Wouldn’t mind seeing a new S4 as well. Keep up the good work! And if you’ll ever do any decal sets, sheets for 8 valve Integrales are something many would like to have – for Alen’s car, to be precise.